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Low-temperature (season) set – used for the operation of the air conditioner in cooling mode at low ambient temperatures (usually provided in the air conditioner as an optional feature). The kit includes: the controller of the outdoor unit fan motor, compressor crankcase heater and heater drain line.

In some series of inverter split systems this option is implemented in hardware and software, thus if there is a need to use the air conditioner in the winter for cooling, you must install only drain the heater.





Protection against freezing of the room, maintaining the temperature of +8°C.

The control system of air conditioners can keep the room air temperature +8°C, so as not to cool the walls and freeze the water pipe. It is actual to use for summer residences, garages or if you leave on leave in the winter, and the constant warming up of a premise to a comfortable temperature is not required. At the same time, the air conditioner consumes less electricity, because the temperature difference between the street / room is also reduced.