▪ 188 Ltrs
▪ Manual Defrost
▪ Adjustable Thermostat
▪ Low Noise
▪ Silver
▪ Energy Saving
▪ 100% CFC Free

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Introducing the Nasco Chest Freezer, a reliable and efficient appliance designed to meet all your freezing needs with ease and convenience. With a spacious capacity of 188 liters, this freezer provides ample storage space for your favorite foods, beverages, and frozen treats, ensuring you always have plenty of room to keep your items chilled and preserved.

Featuring manual defrost functionality, maintaining the optimal temperature inside the freezer is effortless. Simply defrost the freezer periodically to remove any built-up ice and ensure efficient operation. The adjustable thermostat allows you to customize the cooling settings according to your preferences, ensuring your items stay frozen at the perfect temperature.

Experience peace and tranquility with our low-noise design, which ensures minimal disruption to your home environment. Whether placed in your kitchen, pantry, or garage, this freezer operates quietly in the background, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere without the distraction of excessive noise.

In a sleek silver finish, this chest freezer adds a touch of modern elegance to any space. Its energy-saving design not only helps you reduce your electricity bills but also minimizes your environmental impact. Plus, with 100% CFC-free refrigerant, you can rest assured knowing that your freezer is environmentally friendly and safe for the ozone layer.

Upgrade your freezing capabilities with the Nasco Chest Freezer—a reliable, energy-efficient, and spacious appliance that preserves your food and beverages while complementing your lifestyle. Say goodbye to freezer burn and wasted space, and hello to convenient freezing solutions for your home.