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Thinner Walls. More Space Inside.

RT6300C is installed in the Kitchen.



Thinner Walls. More Space Inside.The door of the RT6300C is open. SpaceMax™ from inside to outside of the product is indicated by an arrow.


Store more food with the spacious interior of SpaceMax™ . Special high urethane insulation technology means that refrigerator walls are thinner. This results in more space inside the fridge without compromising efficiency compared with Samsung refrigerators without SpaceMax™ technology.

Ice Cubes in a TwistClose up of Auto Ice Maker. Ice cubes is full in the bin below and the cold air flows around.

Twist Ice Maker

A simple twist of the Ice Maker is all it takes to dispense a large quantity of ice cubes to stay cool in the warmer weather. Then when the weather starts to cool down, simply detach and remove the Ice Maker to make room for your winter essentials.

Preserve freshness on every shelfThe inside of the refrigerator is visible and cold air spreads through every storage space.

All-around Cooling

All-Around Cooling technology continually checks the internal temperature and blows out cold air when needed. Multiple air vents on every shelf ensures even distribution of cold air from corner to corner to help preserve freshness in your food.