• R410 GAS
  • 6.0HP
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More control & style

Hidden Display & Touch Control

Enjoy a stylishly modern and minimalist look and much easier control. The Touch Control panel has an intuitive button design and layout that lets you to adjust the settings with just a gentle touch. And its Hidden Display enhances the minimalist design of the front, but is still easy to read.

Auto Shutter

Keep the inside of your air conditioner clean and hygienic, so it always expels clean air. The Auto Shutter function automatically opens the flaps over the air vent when it is turned on. It then closes them when it is turned off, which prevents dust from getting inside and polluting the system.


Even more comfort across larger areasShows air being dispersed by a floor-standing air conditioner over a distance of 20m with arrows illustrating how it reaches into every corner of a large room.

20m Long Wind with 4-way Auto Swing

Cool much larger spaces quickly and evenly from corner to corner. It combines a powerful fan motor and an enlarged air outlet, so it can blow air up to 20 meters*. An Auto Swing function** also automatically expels cool air in every direction, so air is distributed evenly across the whole room.






A simpler wayto cool bigger spaces

Cool large areas much more evenly, efficiently and easily. It simply stands on the floor, so it can be used in a much wider choice of locations. But it optimizes its speed to maximize comfort and save energy. It can also blow air up to 20 meters* and spreads air evenly in all directions**.