• Eco Bubble
  • Digital Inverter Technology
  • Super Speed
  • Eco Tub Clean
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Powerful Wash, More Savings

WA4000C is installed in the laundry room. Ecobubble™ powered by Digital Inverter.


A strong stream of water, foam, and a Digital Inverter Technology motor are washing a blue shirt. Bubblestorm™ creates rich bubbles to penetrate fabric 2.5x faster* and Dual Storm™ twists and rubs items to enable effective cleaning. Ecobubble™ powered by Digital Inverter, saves 60% of energy, 19% of water and cares better 20% of fabric.




Durable & efficient

Digital Inverter Technology

Enjoy efficiency and long-lasting performance with Digital Inverter Technology. It utilizes strong magnets for a quiet and powerful performance with enhanced energy efficiency. It also provides exceptional durability, backed-up by the industry’s longest* warranty of 20 years on the motor.

Digital Inverter Motor, drum and water stream spins fast. WA4000C’s warranty is 20 year.



Wash in 29 minutes*

Super Speed

Cut your normal laundry time by up to 40%* and get clothes thoroughly clean. Super Speed washes a load in just 29 minutes*. It ensures powerful cleaning and reduces water usage by 22%**. In addition, it shortens the rinsing time by shooting powerful jets of water and accelerates the spin speed.Transparent washer shows speed spray and diamond drum.

Keeps the tub clean

Eco Tub Clean

Keep your top load washer fresh and hygienically clean, while being eco-friendly and saving money. The Eco Tub Clean course removes dirt and up to 95% of bacteria* that can build-up in the tub, without using harsh or costly detergent. And it notifies you automatically when it needs cleaning**.

The washer drum is surrounded by clean water and water jets are cleaning the inside.



Even cleaner clothes

Magic Filter

Keep unsightly speckles off your whites and darks, and protect the drainage from getting clogged up. A Magic Filter with a dual mesh, at the front and back, effectively gathers the lint, fluff and particles that come out of your laundry. And it is easy to empty out the filter, as it opens 180°.A magic filter is a double structure consisting of a dense mesh net and a relatively larger square patterned net.

Effective deep cleaning

Intensive Wash

Get clothes spotlessly clean, even if they are really dirty. An Intensive Wash can be used in any course* to remove stubborn stains, like blood, tea, wine, make-up or grass. It generates rich bubbles that quickly penetrate fabric** and a powerful water flow, so dirt is removed more effectively.

Using the Intensive Wash course, clothes are being washed clean with detergent mixed water.