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Africa’s most admired tech brand has unvieled the TV that is bound to fill your own home with many admiring glances . The Frame 2020 is a unique combination of Samsung’s revolutionary QLED technology and innovative design, enhancing both the living space and entertainment experience for consumers. The QLED technology enables beautiful colours, exceptional contrasts and impeccable details with 100% colour volume. What’s most unique and spectacular about The Frame is that when it is not being used as a TV, it moves into Art Mode. Just like how a framed picture looks different depending on the time of day, The Frame adjusts the screen brightness based on the ambient light in the room, using its in-built motion and brightness sensors.

“With The Frame you can expect what feels like a home makeover. It offers stunning picture quality, awe-inspiring sound and innovative features that effortlessly becomes an opportunity to showcase your own artistic taste. We are pleased to offer a product designed for the discerning tastes of Samsung customers, “said Dudu Mokholo, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Central Africa.

Whether you love TV or art, The Frame offers both. This spectacular TV truly complements your living space, bringing entertainment, and fine art into your home. Thanks to QLED technology, you can experience the brilliance of watching everything in lifelike colour and incredible detail, just as the creator intended. When you’re not watching TV, the screen is a blank canvas to display a gallery of artwork or your favorite photos. Better still, with no distracting cables, nothing will get in the way of your striking view.

The QLED range brings your office, school and incredible entertainment into your living space


With Samsung’s QLED range, you can now turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with immersive sound, endless detail, minimalist design and unrivaled technology. Better still, you now have access to all you need in one space – from home learning, a home office to the convenience of home fitness.

“The way we use our TV has evolved dramatically. Samsung is leading this revolution with smart features that amplify the options you have access to. This is human-centered technology designed for a time when many of us are focused on staying home and staying healthy. Of course, the range also continues to offer unrivaled entertainment at its best, “said Dudu Mokholo, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Central Africa.

TV has become a massive part of our lives from those must-watch series to the sports matches that have us glued to the screen. World-renowned for pioneering innovation in this popular category of technology, Samsung has now launched Crystal UHD TV.

Featuring Samsung’s cutting-edge Crystal Display, the new Crystal UHD TV will bring high-resolution content to life in a whole new way, delivering a viewing experience like never before in a mainstream UHD TV. Controling all function with Voice Assistant and enjoying multiple contents on one screen with Multi View are just some of the welcome advancements on this incredible TV.

“Samsung TV has been constantly paving the path for technological innovations by offering consumers a new TV experience and a future for global TV industry. This is the core driving force that makes Samsung No. 1 TV for 14 consecutive years. Crystal UHD builds on this success in ways that people will truly love.” said Dudu Mokholo, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Central Africa.